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Born in Paris, my first camera was my grandfather’s camera, a Brownie Model N2. It was a simple wooden box, but it was like magic to me. That simple box inspired the evolution of eight-year-old Roger Landry into Raw Landry.

Since 1986 I have travelled around and each destination had offered an opportunity to share my photographic skills and meet people.

My real interest lies in documentary photography because I prefer the innate power of candid, unguarded moments as I depict real-life news events. 

However, photography in any form is my passion.

I particularly love the challenge of documentary photography as it forces you to portray sensitive scenes and moments without letting the presence of a camera interfere. The camera has to remain unobtrusive, in the background. 

I take up this challenge in two ways:

- Street photography, akin to holding up a mirror to society, capturing life as it happens.
- Producing truthful, objective accounts of events, most often involving people as the subject material. will give you an insight into my style of documentary photography, including my latest work.
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